Live:Air brings your live stream to life with a host of real-time editing tools, video effects and multi-camera switching all from your iPad or iPhone.

Professional Effects and Features

Brand your online broadcast with graphics, text overlays, lower thirds, and transition effects. Live:Air also includes Chroma Key, Multiview, and Picture-in-Picture functionality to help you take your production to the next level.

ipads displaying the live air app with various text overlays, lower thirds and transition effects
Facebook, YouTube, Livestream, UStream, Periscope,  Twitch, Wowza logos have native integration with Cube

Stream to Any Online Destination

Live:Air is compatible with any RTMP-based online video platform and includes native integration with Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Ustream, Periscope, Livestream, and, offering a quick and seamless streaming experience.

Multiple Video Sources

What makes Live:Air such a powerful video mixer is its ability to ingest up to 4 live HD video feeds from cameras connected to Teradek encoders such as the VidiU, Cube, and Clip. Even better, Live:Air can roll pre-recorded footage saved to your iPad’s camera roll.

iOS devices with cameras, Teradek Encoders such as VidiU, Cube and Clip all work with Live:Air

Live:Air Remote for iOS

With Live:Air Remote, you can turn your iPad or iPhone into a live video source for your Live:Air production.

two iphones showing Live:Air app with footage of a skater

Camera Control

Camera Control Set your camera’s focus, exposure, and white balance, all from within the app to ensure your image looks exactly as intended throughout your broadcast.

Integrated Audio Mixer

Having complete control over your audio can make or break a live stream so thats why we’ve included a full blown audio mixer in Live:Air. Independently manage all of your audio tracks or select a single master track to play while you switch between video feeds.

display of the Integrated Audio Mixer in Live:Air

In-App Recording

Live:Air offers in-app recording so you always have a backup of your live production wherever you go.

Live:Air interface showing the ability to Record your livestream in-app as a backup of your live production

Built-In Image Editor

Live:Air gives you manual control over your imported images so you can adjust size, opacity, color saturation, highlights, and tint on the fly.

iPad showing display of the built in image editor

Core Compatibility

Use Live:Air or Solo to stream live footage from your iOS device directly to Core for redistribution to multiple endpoints, including decoders and online video platforms.

two monitors showing the Core user interface that will integrate with Live:Air
IPads with Live:Air next to a PTZ camera which has compatibility with the RTSP addon


With an RTSP add on license, Live:Air can pull live video feeds from IP video cameras such Axis or GeoVision.

Live:Air Solo

Don’t have an iPad, but want to produce a live event from your iPhone? Check out the free Live:Air Solo app for iPhone. Download Live:Air Solo

Live:Air Solo running on two iphones to stream live events from a mobile device